Brand messaging: Take it from a fat guy, Nike’s doing it right.

I’m not what you would call; “athletic”. shutterstock_529545433

My body shape is best described as “an egg on toothpicks”. Thin legs, bulky upper body – no backside . . . “the great ass-less wonder”, as some friends refer to me – fondly I’m told.

The point is that I am not the type of toned individual that sporting goods manufacturers typically use in their advertising campaigns. You will not see me rapidly scaling Lion’s Head mountain (Cape Town) in glistening glory on a Friday morning before work.

Reaching the summit with only but a hint of chasing breath, the deep blue waters of the Atlantic ocean stretching below – you will not find me, hands aloft, grinning with accomplishment, winking at the camera before sprinting off for the epic journey back.


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New services added to Interface Digital product mix.

All Interface Digital departments are now open and ready to help you build a successful 2017.

Over the course of last year we made significant strides forward in service delivery, introducing new systems and better controls – the fruits of which we are now clearly starting to see as our production department surges forward.

We’d like to thank all of our clients for your confidence in our people… While it is true that we do not always get it 100% right – it is also true that, day by day, we are getting closer to that ultimate goal.

This will be a benchmark year.

A quick note that we have added new divisions / solutions to complement our existing Digital Service offering.

This includes:

  • Video Production
  • App Development
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Brand development and design

Please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance in relation to these new solutions. Fact is that new technology is really only as good as its practical application and value to your business.

We look forward to connecting and working together for positive 2017. 


7 reasons your best employees are leaving the business.

Companies that lose good employees experience direct and indirect cost implications. Funny thing is . . . it’s relatively easy to avoid the brain drain.

by Dennis Armstrong

Business owners that are losing staff on a regular basis don’t often realise the cost implications of replacing high-performing individuals – not only in terms of hard costs for advertising and/or recruitment agencies, but also in terms of onboarding and training, contacts and relationships.

It is important to remember that you are in the ‘people’ business, for both your staff and customers.

People buy from people and your employees are your biggest asset; from sales to production. Arguably, half of the deals closed are based on your people being liked, and creating a great value proposition for your customers.

If your salespeople, for instance, are not inspired and have a bad day, they won’t sell – so keeping them motivated is vital to the success of your business.

Are your employees actively engaged?

The adage that ‘people leave managers, not companies’ is strongly reflected in the 2015 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa survey. With a near 50/50 audience split between management and staff, the report highlights interesting comparisons between those at the helm, and those rowing the boat, so to speak.

These contrasts included:

  • Only 35% of regular staff felt their direct superiors led by exampleand communicated well, as opposed to 77% of executives who felt channels of communication were good.
  • 70% of regular staff had doubts regarding the accuracy of information shared with them, as opposed to 20% of executives.
  • 45% of staff indicated they did not have the tools to do their jobs effectively, while only 14% of executives shared that opinion.
  • 42% of staff reported a general disinterest in their jobs, unsure of where their focus should be.By contrast only 11% of executives felt the same level of disengagement.

Imagine 4.2 out of every 10 staff members in your company not being productive, not being innovative, not embracing change when required and contributing to team performance.

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The 7 deadly SEO sins.

Choosing the right SEO professional is key to ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

by Douglas Gauld.

Much like transgressions against the seven deadly biblical sins are, say, frowned upon by custodians of heavenly portals, so too the seven deadly  SEO sins can doom you to a lifetime of anguish as you languish on Page 10 of the SERPS – and watch as your marketing ROI goes up in flames.

Below we look at the 7 deadly SEO sins the agency or professional you’ve hired will do well to avoid.

1. Focusing on the low hanging (forbidden) fruit

In SEO, it’s tempting to focus your efforts on ranking pages with “easy” keywords, even if those pages don’t contribute to top-line growth as much as others.

Example of easy keywords are those that focus on brand or are so far off “topic” they have low search volumes, making it easy to be competitive or get ranking for – the more relevant the keyword and more search volume it has, the harder the SEO job.

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IFD launches location-based mobile advertising in partnership with Vicinity Media.

Make location-based mobile advertising work for your business this summer.

Interface Digital (IFD) and Vicinity Media partner to deliver premium location-based mobile advertising solutions. With the summer holiday season around the corner, this service allows businesses to drive feet to their stores in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

“Location Based Advertising (LBA) allows companies to adjust their marketing messages to suit a number of specific scenarios,” says Dennis Armstrong, MD of Interface Digital. “Not only are they able to geographically target customers (down to street level) but their marketing can also dynamically be adjusted to suit variables such as a specific time of day or prevailing weather conditions.”

The package deals (offered over 3 or 6 months’ engagement) are now available from Interface Digital and present accurate, dynamic and highly targeted communication opportunities.

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How can you use Facebook Live in your business?

Facebook Live is coming soon to a small screen near you. What does it mean for your business?

Not everyone has “it” yet as “Magic Mark” (Zuckerberg) and his merry team are still rolling the service out to ordinary folks (some celebs had access last year already) . . . but, the live video streaming service does present some interesting opportunities for your business.

In short, Facebook Live will allow anyone to stream live video from their mobile device straight into their Facebook Feed. Dangerous ground if you are prone to online outbursts that have the potential to end up in court – but good news if you are a small (or big) business that is looking to connect with your online audience.

There are many reasons to do more video of course, and we’ve previously touched on the topic. But, before you just head off into the great “Hollywood” yonder, there are a few things to consider. 

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If you are not thinking mobile first, you are not thinking.

on your marks

“Empowered consumers, changing rules, new engagement opportunities – are you mobile ready?”

We “borrowed” this above opening line from our friends at Google. Being “Premium Partners” has it perks – one of which is having access to Google’s latest research and data re: mobile user behaviour and how that impacts our digital world.

The reality is that we no longer “go online” but “live online”, with every day made up out of a myriad of “micro moments” that influence our decisions and impacts on the way we interact with the world.

It is “winning these micro moments” that now makes all the difference . . . and with Google’s research showing that we look at our phones at least 150X a day, now is certainly the time to ask yourself ONE QUESTION.

Are we a “mobile first” thinking business?

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How video marketing can add value to your lead gen strategy.

video production

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world (after Google).

Well executed video content significantly improves conversion rates, with Hubspot Research reporting a 200-300% increase in click-through-rate when video is included in emails and up to 80% increase on landing pages.

In the real-estate industry, for example, statistics show that listings offering video content receive over 400% more enquiries than those with photos only.

The shift to video content dominance is further echoed by Google,who project that (by 2017) 69% of all online content will feature video in some shape or form.

Key points to note:

  1. The way users are search for content has changed dramatically and most users prefer
    video content.
  2. Blended search results consisting of text , images and video are the norm.
  3. Marketers need to incorporate all these elements into their message to ensure they communicate to users in the most applicable format.

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Part 6: 50 Key digital statistics worth shouting about. (customer experience)

Customer Experience is the future of your business success.

Over the last few weeks  we looked at various aspects of digital marketing, specifically 50 top statistics that all marketers and business owners will do well to take note of.

All valid, all true – all of value – yet the reality is simply this: Customer Experience, personal touches, unique, clever, insightful actions that turns the ordinary into something worth shouting about – that has always been, and will always remain, the key differentiator for any business.

Whether you are a bank, an online retailer, corner supermarket or the mechanic down the road, it is what you do, not what you say, that makes customers return for more. contributor, Daniel Newman, states it best when he says that; “. . . though we may concentrate on big data, mobile, social, or content being the future of marketing, if you really think about it, all of these elements are only important in how they help us to enhance customers’ experiences with our brands.”

“That is the power behind the digitisation of companies. Not to remove personal touch but to be able to enhance the customer’s interaction with a brand, across multiple devices, technologies and channels – to know where they are in a process and how best to help them get the most from their engagement.” Dennis Armstrong, Interface Digital MD.

Kevin Cochrane from echoes this sentiment – stating that today’s consumers demand to be recognised as unique individuals . . . placing the onus on companies to ensure that, throughout the entire customer journey, each touch point is personalised and based on real-time intelligence.

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Part 5: 50 Key Digital Statistics worth shouting about. (demand generation)

We want Beer
Let’s get to the meat of it right away. 

Quality leads are what every business is after. Without quality leads:

  • your “cost of sale” is high as unqualified leads are visited (or contacted) by sales
  • your “closing rates”  are very low for the same reason
  • your “marketing function” is  viewed as a cost centre instead of revenue generating entity
  • your “sales function” is looking for someone to blame.

All of this sounding uncomfortably familiar to you? Fear thee not gentle reader, you are not alone. A frightening number of businesses (from small to enterprise scale) have no idea what effective demand generation looks like or, even worse, do not have the desire to drive necessary change through their organisations.

So the trillion dollar question is:

How do you get a sufficient number of quality leads into your sales funnel?

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